E-Commerce Kiosk

Kiosks are self-service platforms that offers its users to perform a tasks at their own pace. Kiosk are used in variety of businesses from different industries where the primary objective is to provide customers with an interactive, user-friendly digital interface.

Wall Mount Kiosk

  • Wall mount kiosks are a durable, flexible, space-saving solution.
  • Wall mount kiosks are ideal for delivering a wide range of self-service transactions.
  • Make attendance through the retina of your eyes.
  • Access control & Corporate events & activities.
  • Provide access to a company’s Internet.
  • Provide access to online policies & practices.
  • Allow employees to easily change their personal information & E-Ticketing.

Touch Screen Kiosk

  • Touch Kiosk is getting more and more popular as they drive user engagement.
  • Apart from displaying information, these Touch Kiosks enable self-help approaches and encourage automation.
  • To produce and manage attractive user interfaces and interactive presentations for any self-service information system or touch screen.
  • With a fingertip you integrate product presentations, eCommerce apps, client information or animated ads to be presented at trade shows and exhibitions, in customer areas, public spaces or points of sale.

Informative Kiosk

  • Provide restricted parking access to residents by using RFID-based entrace systems.
  • Allow them to enter their private parking by simply pressing a button on their smartphone.
  • SMART garage openers can work with your car directly.
  • Remotely control access to your garage from your Android or iPhone.

Key Benefits Of Investing In Kiosk Development Services


  • It let search and discover the right product for themselves
  • Display digital catalog of your products range
  • Provide full product specification and description along with its image, video, etc


  • Showcase product information and story behind the product
  • Make Sales more effective by sharing uniform product information across stores
  • Provide them suggestions based on user search or page navigation


  • For malls, hospitals, large retail stores let the user find their own path
  • Navigate across the premises like users doing it on Google map
  • Help user know more about other facilities/amenities

User Insight

  • Understand most popular product/page, user likes, etc
  • Observe user behavior via backend admin dashboard
  • Get user enquiry, run a survey, get feedback right from the screen